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Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Corporate Bankruptcy and Restructuring is one of the core practices of SGLA Law Firm. Through the years, SGLA Law Firm has accumulated significant experience in the area, having acted for clients in numerous complex and high value matters including corporate debt restructuring, liquidation, restructuring, cross-border liquidation. Using our expertise and resources, we have assisted many companies in distress to turn around their affairs.

As a full-service law firm, SGLA Law Firm is able to leverage its knowledge and strengths in other areas such as investment, merger and acquisition, capital market, banking, financial insurance, commercial dispute resolution and arbitration, construction and real estate, intellectual property, labor and employment, and tax to come up with innovative ideas and plans for restructuring to assist our clients.

We are committed to becoming the firm of choice for clients to deal with complex bankruptcy, restructuring and liquidation matters.

Service Area

- Corporate liquidation service

  Represent shareholders in voluntary liquidation process;

  Upon the instruction of shareholders/liquidation committee, participate in the whole voluntary liquidation process as legal counsel to the liquidation committee;

  Participate in the compulsory liquidation process as legal counsel to the liquidation committee; and

  Represent shareholders/creditors to file a petition for compulsory liquidation with the people’s court, and participate in the compulsory liquidation process;

- Bankruptcy service

  Participate in the corporate bankruptcy process as legal counsel to the administrator;

  Represent debtors/creditors to file a bankruptcy petition with the people’s court and participate in the bankruptcy process;

  Represent creditors in the bankruptcy process; represent secured creditors to participate in the disposition of the debtor’s assets in the bankruptcy process;

  Represent the rights holders to exercise the right to retrieve their assets from the bankruptcy process;

  Represent investors/ restructuring parties/ debtors/ shareholders/ other interested parties to draft restructuring plans and participate in the bankruptcy restructuring process;

  Represent relevant parties to attend to and participate in bankruptcy derivative litigation; and

  Other legal services in relation to bankruptcy;

- Debt restructuring service

  Upon the instruction of companies in distress, investigate into the financial conditions of the companies, propose solutions, and offer crisis management services to these companies;

  Represent investors to investigate into the target companies in distress, and propose, design and assist with the implementation of debt restructuring plans; and

  Represent creditors to analyze the possibility of bankruptcy/restructuring of a company that suddenly falls in distress, and formulate debt recovery strategy.