About Us

SGLA Law Firm ("SGLA") was founded in Shanghai in 2008. In 2020, SGLA became one of the largest domestic integrated law firm as member firms of the Sino-Global Legal Alliance (the "Alliance") joined SGLA. SGLA now has a network of branch offices across China, serving the needs of both our domestic and international customers.

It was the common aim of the Alliance members to see to the development the Chinese legal industry through scaling, specialization, branding, and internationalism. SGLA inherits the core beliefs of the Alliance which are: inclusiveness, cooperation, enterprising, openness, and competitiveness.

The integrated one-stop approach has achieved tremendous results for the Alliance and this will continue to be the strategy driving SGLA's development and growth.
Core Beliefs
The Alliance members are driven by a common aim which ensures the continued success of the platform that is SGLA. Foresight determines our value. SGLA has clear strategic goals and plans for promoting these, coupled with full support in terms of infrastructure and resources. We are keen to share the success of continued growth of our platform with our valued customers .
Strength on the Ground
SGLA has excellent on the ground resources through the many years of work hard by its Alliance members. This enables SGLA to have a thorough understanding of local laws and regulations, as well as exceptional executional abilities to take care of any legal needs of our customers .
Global Networks
SGLA works very closely with the international law firm, Hogan Lovells International LLP ("Hogan Lovells"), which was also a prime mover of the Alliance. This enables SGLA to provide a full range of high quality legal services to our customers both domestically and internationally wherever they may choose to develop their business.
The integration of the member firms in the Alliance brings together legal experts in different fields which provides SGLA with a unique advantage in solving issues for our customers.