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Lawyer Summary

Mr. Li and his team are mainly engaged in litigation and non-litigation legal services in the fields of mergers & acquisitions, construction engineering and real estate, and green finance (carbon emissions trading).

In the corporate field, Li continues to provide legal support on daily operations, contract management, project investment, equity transfer, corporate deadlock resolution, commercial risk control, and dispute resolution for several well-known multinationals, large state-owned enterprises, listed companies and private enterprises.

In the field of mergers & acquisitions, Li has provided legal services on equity mergers & acquisitions, asset acquisitions, equity investment, debt investment and corporate financing (bond issuance, etc.) for many Chinese financial institutions, investment companies and entity companies. His services have included commercial environment research project judgment, due diligence, transaction structure design, legal opinion issuance, creditor's rights and debts arrangement, commercial negotiation, agreement drafting and review, procedure handling, and so on.

In the field of real estate & construction engineering, Li provided whole-process legal services on land/project bidding, demolition, project review, project financing, project disposal, construction engineering contracting, engineering visa claims, construction period default claims, project quality default claims, project transfer, property sales, and property leasing for a host of well-known real estate development enterprises and construction engineering companies.

In the field of green finance (carbon emissions field), Li, as one of the earliest participants and leaders in this area of business in China, was committed to providing consulting and legal services for risk management in carbon emissions trading (including carbon quota trading, Chinese Certified Emission Reduction [CCER], development and trading) and carbon finance (including carbon investment fund establishment/ issuance/investment/management, carbon pledge financing, etc.).

LLM – School of Law, Fudan University
Social Activity

Off-campus course tutor of Shanghai Jiaotong University (the direction of legal practice)

Member of the Carbon Emissions Trading Alliance, the China Energy Conservation Association,

Member of the M&A Committee of Shanghai Bar Association

Member of the Commercial Dispute Committee of Shanghai Bar Association

Independent director of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Carbon asset manager of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security


Mar .2022--Present SGLA Law Firm·Senior Partner

June.2015--Mar.2022 SG&CO Law Firm·Partner ,Senior Partner

Aug.2013--June.2015 Rolmax Law Firm·Lawyer

Mar .2012--Aug.2013 Co-Effort Law Firm·Lawyer


Assisted the Property Management Office of Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission to complete the research on the subject of "Agreement on the Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights in Service Inventions";

Assisted several subsidiaries of China Baowu Steel Group in implementing mixed ownership reform and asset restructuring and disposal projects;

Assisted 24 farms and ranches affiliated to Hulun Buir State Farm Group in corporate restructuring, asset restructuring, and mixed ownership reform projects, and participated in a series of special projects such as equity/asset restructuring and external mergers/investments of its subordinate Hailaer Land Reclamation Group, Greater Khingan Range Land Reclamation Group, Material and Petroleum Group, and Food Group;

Assisted Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd. to participate in the equity reorganization and mixed ownership reform of photovoltaic power station project companies in Tongliao, Jiangxi, Shangrao, Yunnan, etc., as well as equity disposal projects and asset reorganization projects of several wholly-owned or controlled subsidiaries;

Assisted Traceability Capital to set up a state-owned environmental protection industry investment fund, and invest in a series of environmental protection industry companies and exit projects through convertible bonds;

Assisted Chuanli Energy in the acquisition of the largest DHC integrated smart energy company in East China, and introduced the State Power Investment Project;

Assist State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) in implementing the following series of projects: the integrated smart energy project in Yancheng Financial City, the 0.7MW distributed photovoltaic power generation project of Jiangsu Yaorun Copper Co., Ltd., the Low Carbon Application Demonstration Project of Yixing Academy of Environmental Sciences, EPC projects of Jiangsu Hesheng New Energy Co., Ltd.,and Yixinghe Innovative Energy Co., Ltd., Xushe 80MW "fishery-solar hybrid" photovoltaic power generation project, Xushe 150MW "agro-solar hybrid" photovoltaic power generation project;

Assisted Blue Town Real Estate to develop the residential real estate project located in "Xiaohe Jiangnan" in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province;

Assisted Baowan Chancheng Development Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Nanshan Group, to implement a historical and cultural business block project in Jianggan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province;

Assisted Jiangsu Shihe Suifeng Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. in implementing projects such as the reconstruction of the commercial block of the Yixing Factory No. 2 in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, and the investment promotion and operation of the Qinglongshan Park commercial complex.

Represented Shanghai Longyu Construction Co., Ltd. to participate in the performance and subsequent risk treatment of the construction contract for the thermal pipeline network in Shenbei New District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province;

Represented Shanghai Shilian Real Estate to participate in the performance and subsequent risk treatment of the service contracts with Jiazhaoye Real Estate, Zhongzhou Real Estate ,Shanghai Urban Construction (Group) Corporation and so on.


Guidelines on Ways and Operational Procedures of Stock Exchange

Legal Risks and Prevention Suggestions during the Transition Period of Equity Transfer

Provisions Analysis and Practice Guidelines for the Judicial Interpretation of the Engineering Construction Contracts (II) (Volume I and Volume II)

Interpretation of <Administrative Measures on General Engineering Contracting > Series (1)-(6)

Carbon Emission Permit Trading Model and Carbon Financial Derivatives Analysis

Analysis on and Improvement Path of China's Carbon Market Trading Rules

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